\"I\'ve had it!\" - 4896832
Lawyer\'s Dog - 2029529
Flashman - 1109414
Add Like Mad - 449500
Paxman - 381550
Stuffed Animals Get Busy - 325162
Very Bad NASCAR Crash - 233239
Beaver Dive - 128511
LineFlyer - 98323
Dirt Bike - 47314
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Wasted Sky || Played 3117 times
There are total of 6 ships to choose from and multiple neat power-ups in this game
Shoot Out || Played 3118 times
Protect the town as Sheriff by defeating the challengers
Car Vandalism || Played 3118 times
Pang 2001 || Played 3119 times
Split the ball into 2 using multiple shooting device
Toaster || Played 3121 times
Catch the toast with your plate as much as possible.
Skeet Shooting || Played 3121 times
Skeet Shooting. It get harder as you advanced into the subsequent level
Ski Run || Played 3122 times
Ski between the flags
Slidermania || Played 3123 times
Slide the box to appropriate location
S.W.A.T || Played 3124 times
Shoot the zombie clown - be careful, they can continue to shoot even if you have blown off their head
Three-Point Shoorout || Played 3124 times
Press space-bar as close to the center as possible to score
If Pig's Can Fly Then Pigs Must Die || Played 3125 times
Shoot the flying pigs
Super Mario Time Attack Remix || Played 3125 times
Princess Peach is kipnaped, and Mario is entrust to free her from the kipnapper.
Pipe Down || Played 3126 times
Rotate the pipe pieces on the grid board so that the water can reach the exit.
Sports Smash || Played 3126 times
The objective of this game is to quickly align 3 or more of objects horizontally or vertically by simply clicking with your mouse.
Ace Of Space || Played 3126 times
Horizontal space shooter. Shoot as many astroids as possible
Invasion || Played 3126 times
Capture the invading alien before time run out
Pitfall Y2K || Played 3126 times
Control the alien that is falling into a pit - make sure the alien don??t hit the wall
Virus || Played 3126 times
Remove the virus from the circuit board before it is too late!
X-Tract Paperclip || Played 3126 times
Clear the levels by hitting Clippy the Office assistant with office supplies
X-Traning || Played 3126 times
Avoid the bullet as long as possible
Zelda: C.O.W.A || Played 3126 times
Use Link's attacks to defeat the green soldiers
Chain Reaction || Played 3127 times
This is more like a simulation than a game. The objective is to create as many chain reactions as possible.
Stan Skates || Played 3127 times
Skate through the busy street with Stan
Dyno || Played 3127 times
You have to collect 20 stars each game. You must avoid pink bubble unless you were protected by shield bubble.
Kumite || Played 3127 times
1-Player fighting game
Lance La Hache || Played 3127 times
Axed Osama in this game
Pokemon: The Revolution || Played 3127 times
Attack the flying pokemon with your gun
The Sheep Race || Played 3127 times
Sheep racing, timed the jump with perfect timing for maximum speed
America Strikes Back || Played 3127 times
Go throught 3 different levels (Water, Air and Ground) in this game
Gone In 60 Seconds || Played 3127 times
As Randall "Memphis" Raines, you must steal 10 cars to save your brother Kip and get $200,000 in cash.
The Fly || Played 3127 times
Kill the Fly
Battle Tanx || Played 3127 times
This tank game can be played by 4 players at the same time
River Game || Played 3127 times
The object is to get all the people across the river. There are rules to be obey
Bush Royal Rampage || Played 3127 times
Run through dangerous streets avoiding terrorists - counter attacking them with your assault rifle.
Rocket Bob || Played 3127 times
Help Bob to jump from one platform to another using appripriate force and angle
Dirt Crusher || Played 3127 times
Take control of the dirt crusher in this sporting game
Beetle Buggin || Played 3127 times
Drive your Volkswagen beetle car around the course to collect items and don't do damage.
Surf's Up || Played 3128 times
A surfing game produce by miniclip.com
Rural Racer || Played 3128 times
Exciting car races in a small town
Space Bugs || Played 3128 times
Don??t let the space bug come any closer - kill them with all you got!
Twiddlestix || Played 3128 times
A puzzle game that required quick reflex
Space || Played 3128 times
Destroy other ship, gain more fuel, destroy more ships, gain even more fuel.
Monster Munch || Played 3128 times
Catch and eact all the falling snow-flakes
Kyrpto the Superdog || Played 3128 times
Help Kyrpto the Super Dog move through the various maps
Batman || Played 3128 times
Save batwoman from the villains.
Video Poker || Played 3128 times
Video poker game in Flash
Bean Hunter || Played 3128 times
Shoot the Beans as soon as they appear on screen
Memory 3D || Played 3128 times
Memory game with 3D images
Chili Time || Played 3128 times
Click to eat chili. The faster you click, the faster you eat.
Bard-Jump Choose Victim || Played 3128 times
Timed your jump nicely if not you will be paralysed by the barb wire
Grave Yard || Played 3128 times
Control your skeleton character to fight other skeleton in the grave yard
Bell Boys || Played 3128 times
Help the bell boy to deliver their orders to the right floor by controling the elevators
Ponky || Played 3128 times
Ponky is a special car that can jump over any obstacle. However, jumping will slow it down a little
Majestic || Played 3128 times
try survived the creepy nucleo's.
Blobz || Played 3128 times
play against the PC or friend to try to explode your cute little blobz before your opponent did
Fly Catcher || Played 3128 times
Catch flies as your food and avoid being smashed.
Bugs Are Coming || Played 3128 times
Move your mouse to control the ball
Police Sniper 2 || Played 3128 times
Shoot down enemies with your sniper gun
Metroid Genesis || Played 3128 times
Use the password "hunted" to start the game
Super Figther || Played 3128 times
Super Fighter is a great fighting game with nice moves
Mini Pool || Played 3129 times
A great pool game done in Flash for PC
Fly Plane || Played 3129 times
Fly your plane while collecting the red dots in this action game
3D Reversi || Played 3129 times
This is the normal reversi game. However, the graphic is 3D which make it unique
Flash Minesweeper || Played 3129 times
Flash version of the very old Minesweeper game
Little Shepherd || Played 3129 times
As shepherd, you duty is obvious: guide the mindless sheeps safely back into fence.
Maxim's Adventure || Played 3129 times
Ride the skateboard as Maxim
Shootin' Hoops || Played 3129 times
Flash basketball games with good graphic
Slacckers || Played 3129 times
Don't play this at work because in this game you do everything except work!
Turtle Bridge || Played 3129 times
use the turtle as a bridge but don??t fall
Squeaky || Played 3129 times
Collect all the oil bottle
Super Mario Revived || Played 3129 times
Collect coins and avoiding hits from the monster character in this Mario game
Impossi-Bubble Adv. || Played 3129 times
Safe keeping for diary is important for any girl who have one
Steppenwolf || Played 3129 times
Move Steppenwolf through the world in an interactive series of action and logic based puzzle
CyberSWAT || Played 3129 times
Play as SWAT you have to kill the terrorists
Mini Wave || Played 3129 times
Miniboat racing, more fun than bike racing
Boogles || Played 3129 times
This game required extermely quick reflex to play.
Purple Pit || Played 3129 times
The challenge is to get all 9 squares up. To do this, press on a square.
Rock Paper Scissor || Played 3129 times
Choose either one and see if you can defeats your opponent.
Sail Voyage || Played 3129 times
Your mission is to voyage across the Tasman sea. Go through as many level as you can manage.
Help Guide Chuck || Played 3129 times
Guide Chucky down the hill by moving your mouse left and right.
Shooting Targets || Played 3129 times
This is a first person shooter games. Shoot everything accept the teddy bear. You will lose 25 for shooting each teddy bear.
Police Bike || Played 3129 times
Ride on the Police Bike and catch the street gangsters
The Stupid Cupid Training School || Played 3129 times
Play as the Cupid Trainee in this cartoon shooting game
Fighting School || Played 3129 times
Choose to play Fano or Mao in this street fighting game
Power Play || Played 3129 times
Score as many power play goals and points as you can within 3 minutes in this ice hockey game
Pearls Before Swine || Played 3129 times
Try not to get the last pearl in this strategy game against the computer AI
Splash || Played 3129 times
Throwing water balloons in the office in this light hearted 1st person shooter
New Car Net Racer || Played 3129 times
Control the car purely with mouse and cursor distance in this unique car racing game
Sky Attack || Played 3129 times
Cute japanese anime style shooter. Control little angel to attack the Green Dragon's minions
Over Steer || Played 3129 times
Race the track in the fastest possible time - your score will be checked against online database
Fruity Bubble || Played 3129 times
Bobble Bubble clone with a fruity theme
Dancing Queen || Played 3129 times
Dance to the beat
Moon Rider || Played 3129 times
Solo Bike racing game that take place in the night
Nemo's Revenge: The Quest for the Lost Pearl || Played 3129 times
You are captain Nemo and your mission is to retrieve a pearl or else will be stuck on bottom of sea forever
Raiden X || Played 3129 times
Clone of the classic fighter plane game Raiden X
Free Run || Played 3129 times
React to key prompt and don't stop running. The faster your time the higher your score
maus Force Attack || Played 3129 times
An aircraft shooting game with nice graphic and sound!
Sonic Trip || Played 3129 times
A platform game wusing character from the Sonic series
Bat and Mouse || Played 3129 times
Move the mouse to get the cheese and not splattered by the bat.
Blob Twist || Played 3129 times
Gather the blobs into squares and start chain reactions!

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