\"I\'ve had it!\" - 3007325
Lawyer\'s Dog - 1155474
Flashman - 1072431
Add Like Mad - 447722
Paxman - 375322
Stuffed Animals Get Busy - 324159
Very Bad NASCAR Crash - 232165
Beaver Dive - 127681
LineFlyer - 96766
Dirt Bike - 46213
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Sekonda Ice Hockey || Played 2695 times
Play ice hockey at the Skonda Arena
Invasion || Played 2701 times
Capture the invading alien before time run out
Nordic Chill || Played 2716 times
You have to complete all 4 winter sport events in this sports game.
The Pharaoh's Tomb || Played 2721 times
Avoid the monster but try collect all the golds
Flash Mind || Played 2721 times
Flash version of the Master Mind game
Shove It || Played 2722 times
Another puzzle game involving pushing the block into the right location
Pipe Down || Played 2722 times
Rotate the pipe pieces on the grid board so that the water can reach the exit.
Alien Showdown || Played 2722 times
Destroy the alien race by shooting them and more - throw grenades into they breeding nest
Breakout by 2dPlay || Played 2723 times
Another arkanoid clone
Man In Black || Played 2723 times
The objective of this game is to win the game by taking the last sphere
Mastermind v1.0 || Played 2723 times
You have to figure out the actual combination in least steps/trials
Flash Gauntlet || Played 2724 times
Destroy ghosts with your wizard spell; collect treasure and potion along the journey
Island Cup Crab Race || Played 2724 times
Guess which crab will wins the race.
MiniSeige || Played 2724 times
Destroy the enemy's castle before they destroy yours!
Viking Attack || Played 2724 times
Shoot the viking on the 7 seas
Stay the Distance || Played 2724 times
It's the last race of the day, and you are one win away from an amazing totejackpot.
Magnetism 2 || Played 2724 times
Use the 3 available magnets i.e. regular, electro and polarity magnets to get the ball from the machine hand to the cup.
12 Many || Played 2724 times
The screen will flash quickly. You will have a split seconds to observe the screen and count the number of stars on screen
Car Vandalism || Played 2724 times
King of the Hill || Played 2725 times
In King of the Hill, you have to protect your castle with the limited weapons that you have.
CTD2: Overkill! || Played 2725 times
A funny game that you crash T-Bone into dumbass.
Save Them Goldfish || Played 2725 times
Save the goldfish out of the frying pan and put them back into the acquarium.
Christmas Shooting Gallery || Played 2725 times
Shoot the Christmas tree decoration as mush as you can
Angel Fighters || Played 2725 times
Play street fighter with sexy babe
Tangram || Played 2725 times
Tangram is 7 pieces of basic shapes that can be combined to form wonderful geometric figures
New Car Net Racer || Played 2725 times
Control the car purely with mouse and cursor distance in this unique car racing game
Pang 2001 || Played 2725 times
Split the ball into 2 using multiple shooting device
Evangelion - Pac Man || Played 2725 times
Guide Shinji around the city taking pills and defeating enemies. It is actually a pacman clone with characters from Evangelion anime series
Scope Assault || Played 2725 times
Shoot the terrorists using you scope. Zooming on them to fire accurately.
Shoot Out || Played 2725 times
Protect the town as Sheriff by defeating the challengers
Wild Wild West || Played 2726 times
Protect the town from outlaws in this wild west game - reloading your gun is a bit tricky. Well illustrated levels
Air Dodge || Played 2726 times
Navigate your plane and avoid any obstacles that block your path
Space Explorer || Played 2726 times
Control and guide your ship to landing pads. You have limited fuel and you have to land smoothly to avoid crashing
Ice Breakout || Played 2726 times
Guide the penguin to break all ice blocks
Spark Your Neurons || Played 2726 times
The objective of this puzzle is to remove all but one marble. To remove marble - jump another marble over it
Alpha Force || Played 2726 times
Shoot down all the enemy aircraft before they destroy you in Alpha Force
Skating Down Shit Street! || Played 2726 times
Avoid the shit while you were skating down Shit Street
Dyno || Played 2726 times
You have to collect 20 stars each game. You must avoid pink bubble unless you were protected by shield bubble.
Plucky's Snowball Bash || Played 2726 times
Hit the penguins using snowball. Try not to miss the penguin because you will lose snowball.
Dark Waters The Fight || Played 2726 times
Kill your enemy as fast as possile to win the game.
Bard-Jump Choose Victim || Played 2726 times
Timed your jump nicely if not you will be paralysed by the barb wire
Flash Golf 2001 || Played 2726 times
2D Flash Golf game with nice terrain rendering
Don't Shot Kenny || Played 2726 times
Shoot everyone but Keeny - hopefully this will cheer Kenny up!
Seven7 || Played 2726 times
Don??t run over the frog
Shoot 2:Cruise Control || Played 2726 times
3rd person shooter game with a unique feature - hide behind wall and shoot when it is safe to
Word Search 2000 || Played 2726 times
Nicely build automated generation of Word Search Puzzle
Grand Prix Challenge II || Played 2726 times
Try to complete all track before your damage reached 100%
Whaked Studio || Played 2726 times
Click on as many "trasure" as possible and try to avoid the negative objects
Bug Splat || Played 2726 times
Splat the bud again and again until it is totally dead
The Shoot Out || Played 2726 times
First person shooter with night vision
Super Mario Time Attack Remix || Played 2726 times
Princess Peach is kipnaped, and Mario is entrust to free her from the kipnapper.
Hop-A-Lot Hobbit || Played 2726 times
Playing as Frodo, you must travel to Mordor to destroy the Ring!
Shoot For The Sky || Played 2726 times
Collect power-ups so that you can win the game easier
Chain Reaction || Played 2727 times
This is more like a simulation than a game. The objective is to create as many chain reactions as possible.
Reel Gold || Played 2727 times
Reel in all the gold to go into the next level. Be careful, only "shiny" gold can be reel in successfully
Pingu Sports || Played 2727 times
This is a very funny variation of the classic Arkanoid game using pingu the penguin as character
Puzzled 1 || Played 2727 times
Try to escape from the room in this graphical adventure
Locked Office || Played 2727 times
Another graphical adventure where you have to escape from jail
Forest Challenge 2 || Played 2727 times
Play mini golf on your desktop; This version has a setting in a forest
Naval Gun || Played 2727 times
Use your missiles wisely to destroy enemy submarines and planes
Creepy Crossword || Played 2727 times
This is a crossword puzzle in Flash
Alphabet Soup || Played 2727 times
Forming word quickly by clicking on the falling letters
Boo || Played 2727 times
Click on the monster in the same sequence
Jumpin Jacko || Played 2727 times
make it to the door without getting touch by anyone
Rooftop Skater || Played 2727 times
Perform skate trick on the rooftop and score points
Grand Roulette || Played 2727 times
Test your roulette skills. One of the finest flash roulette games in the land!
African Mask || Played 2727 times
A challenging puzzle game
The Claque Beignet || Played 2727 times
Slap the singers' face. The quicker you slap them, the higher you score.
Mr VegHead || Played 2727 times
Choose your favorite vege and create a face for it.
Sail Voyage || Played 2727 times
Your mission is to voyage across the Tasman sea. Go through as many level as you can manage.
Spin to Win || Played 2727 times
Single reel slot machine
Crazy Relax || Played 2727 times
Racing game with 3 unique car to choose from
dc8p Fishwater Challenge || Played 2727 times
Collect as many fish as you can in 30 seconds. Be careful of those logs, mind, and keep your eyes open for the rocks.
Let M'Roll || Played 2727 times
Catch the head before they hit the ground. You will lose the game if you drop more then five.
Lightyear Alpha || Played 2727 times
Collect Energy residue by destroying enemy and gain special abilities
Hexxagon || Played 2727 times
Play Hexxagon against friend or the computer AI
Kore Putt || Played 2727 times
Another mini golf with good control
Police Bike || Played 2727 times
Ride on the Police Bike and catch the street gangsters
The Stupid Cupid Training School || Played 2727 times
Play as the Cupid Trainee in this cartoon shooting game
Starsky & Hutch || Played 2727 times
Avoid all obstacles in this simple street racing game
Kill a Kitten || Played 2727 times
Kill the annoying kitten with your gun
Stakeboard || Played 2727 times
Skate to the finishing point without making too many mistake
Y2K Tetris Game || Played 2727 times
Remake of the classic game - Tetris
Football Shootout || Played 2727 times
Kick like world soccer stars in this comical penalty shootout game
Over Steer || Played 2727 times
Race the track in the fastest possible time - your score will be checked against online database
Tiny Combat 2 || Played 2727 times
Protect HQ from enemy units, shoot enemy units to neutralise them and collect supplies dropped by parachute to get new weapons
Viper's Reef Scuba Training || Played 2727 times
Underwater adventure - you will have to get to the end quickly before running out of oxygen
Ten Pin Bowling || Played 2727 times
Bowling game that is very difficult to master
Fly Catcher || Played 2727 times
Catch flies as your food and avoid being smashed.
Jungle Master || Played 2727 times
Collect more fruits and get into the next level
Aparatorul || Played 2727 times
Fly around as a bug and shoot down the enemy bugs with lasers.
Pendekar || Played 2727 times
This is a ninja fighting game
Wheelers || Played 2728 times
Ride the bike and race around the track
Penga Pop || Played 2728 times
A shockwave arcade game from Kewlbox
Zed || Played 2728 times
Help Zed collect all the gold and gems in this game
Gravity || Played 2728 times
A vairation of classic Moon-Lander game. This time the planet is round!
Space Cowboy || Played 2728 times
Play the role of a space cowboy and navigate the distant planet
Space Bugs || Played 2728 times
Don??t let the space bug come any closer - kill them with all you got!
Baseball || Played 2728 times
Play 3D baseball on your PC
Vertigolf || Played 2728 times
This is a 3D golf game for your PC

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